Saturday, July 17, 2010

Boating with grandpa and grandma Fletcher

Swimming with daddy!Getting thier feet wet with grandpa.

Ava got to try driving the boat with grandma!

Even grandpa jumped into swim with us!

This is a picture of grandpa gently helping Logan into the water. Riding the raft, so much fun!

I love this picture, so cute!!

Thank you grandpa and grandma for taking us, we loved it! We can't wait to go again!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Ava got her ears pierced!!!

She was so excited and has been asking for them for a couple weeks now. We finally went and did it today. She picked out some cute little pink flowers and when they did it she didn't cry.

She is such a big girl!

Happy Fathers day!

Isn't this the cutest picture ever! So Caleb told the kids he would play doctor with them, they were the doctors of course. Caleb told them his feet hurt really bad and they needed to rub them to make them better.
They loved ever minute of it, who knew giving a foot massage could be so much fun.

Happy father's day Caleb, We love You!!!

30th Birthday Surprise

My wonderful husband threw me a surprise party!! He is amazing!!!This is the beautiful cake he had made for me!

My friends Heidi and Ted brought this dance game over. It was so much fun to play, everyone started to get in to it. Look at those dance moves!

Go Caleb.. Go Heidi..

Lots of good snack food!

Fire pit out back.

Best birthday Ever!! Thanks Caleb, I love you forever!

Neighborhood water day at our house

So Logan mentioned to all his friends that we were going to get the slippin slide and the pool out. He failed to mention that we weren't doing it until after lunch. At eleven we had all these little kids sitting on our front lawn in there swim suits. So this little boy in the red suit wanted more popsicles, he said he had some at home. He took a head count and ran home to ask his mom for seven popsicles. He came running back with seven pieces of wheat bread. He said he couldn't find the popsicles, funniest thing ever!!!

Water days are so much fun!!!!

Time for some B-ball!!

We got a basketball hoop this week!

This was a group effort. Well Caleb did all the work but we borrowed tools from two different neighbors.

I almost beat Caleb in the first game of horse! Next time Caleb!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Finally warm enough for a water day

Look at those skills!
So cute!

Healthy snack break :)

They played in the water for almost three hours! My kids love the water.

After water day,

So funny!